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"You should go on a national tour." - Violet, from the punk rock band Destitute.

"Katya has and will do anything she can to help Noir put on a show successfully. She's been a performer and a stagehand in our stage shows at our famous parties and at international art events. She drew a full house as a solo performer in our Tuesday night series. We look forward to involving Katya in future shows." - Keith Howarth, owner of Noir Leather

"Highly unique and unusual stage presence - a traditional freakshow performer who can thrive in a 'play it by ear' environment." - Jeffrey Matlock, Octane Photographic

"You are a natural performer." - Elizabeth of Morbid Imagery, Katya's official photographer.

"YOU DO WHAT?", "AWESOME!", "When can we see that again?" - Anonymous.


Mentioned by name in Real Detroit's writeup of the Dirty Show 8 for performance art piece based upon the human pincushion.

Photographed as seven and half foot tall kitty girl in Real Detroit's photo story of the 2007 Ferndale Green Cruise. Photographed and featured on the frontpage of Ferndale Friends in the same stilt character interacting with a mime.

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