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Katya Kadavera... the Anametamystik...

Katya Kadavera grew up in the Motor City where she was inspired through the cables and the underground, by this place that is death with walls, cats, the severe weather of Michigan and the ruins of Detroit. Katya elected to carve out a world on her own terms. She became known as the catgirl in Detroit and also known for her . She took the "midnight train going anywhere" to New York City to study under Donny Vomit in Coney Island.

By yet more serendipity in Coney Island, Katya chanced upon a rival sideshow owned by a man who was born and raised in the business and who shall retire when six strong men carry him out of a church. He was looking for a lead who could walk on glass, eat fire and possibly swallow swords. She ran away with the sideshow.

While in New York, she met up a friend in Brooklyn who performs heavy modifications (at that time in a basement because their shop was in a basement). One day when her mod practitioner was supposed to work on her but had food poisoning, a fabulous hairdresser relayed the message and invited her into his shop, which also featured a tattoo studio. A shop minimum Discordian themed tattoo followed and she was hooked for life.

At the end of the season, Katya met Katzen Hobbes, who inked a future self portrait as Katya's second tattoo ever. Katzen, who works presently at Platinum Ink South, Austin, TX, has tattooed over 95% of Katya's tattoos.

Katya's spots are based off the snow leopard, a beautiful medium sized big cat with the longest tail that lives in some of the harshest, coldest terrain on the roof of the world. She calls herself "Katya" for the name stars with "Kat" and is a Russian name, which reflects her mysterious Eastern European heritage and the Russian range of the snow leopard. The snow leopard is also an endangered species with a population of less than 6000 in the wild for which Katya also raises awareness for. Katya intends to finish her single theme tattoo suit off according to snow leopard colors in the next few years.

Katya is well known throughout Detroit and the surrounding area for stiltwalking, fire breathing and general weirdness. Katya calls herself the "Anametamystik" since it means "reversing-beyond-mystik" (in short, she she can perform acts that most people will outright refuse to). "Kadaverous" because she's normally pale as a cadaver. Both of these names also get people curious about the show (or at least curious enough to hear the correct pronunciations and find out what they might mean).

Katya grew up in the post-industrial wasteland of Detroit in a well-educated, working class family. The family eccentric genius, she was naturally inclined to study physics and chemistry and practice many visual and performing arts. So, one day in early 2006, after much careful reflection, she learned various fire skills.

She contacted Grin in regards to his request for play piercing models (a variation upon the human pin cushion). For four nights in February 2007, Grin pierced her during Dirty Show 8 (an international art exhibition) live before crowds of 200-300 without her flinching or bleeding. This was her debut for all intents and purposes on the world stage.

Katya acquired a used pair of stilts in April 2007 and quickly learned how to walk above the crowds. She met Jeffrey Matlock (now one of her official photographers) by walking on stilts into his basement studio. He invited her back to host "Unfiltered 2" (an art exhibit of out of the mainstream artists that featured live piercing, flesh pulls, stilts and more orchastrated by Katya). Ever since then she's been showing up at events and festivals around Detroit to stiltwalk without falling even once. In underground and on the street, she refined her skills. The Dead Zone Detroit had her over twice to breathe fire for their private warehouse parties. Consistently, the reviews were that Katya "carried the show" from what she could pack into her backpack.

When Noir Leather (Royal Oak, MI) was invited to put on a stage show at Dirty Show 9 (February 2008), they were open to Katya's suggestions. Katya provided quite an unexpected surprise by stiltwalking as a Deus ex Machina character that restrained other characters and dragged them off stage as if to a bottomless pit. She gathered volunteers for their audience participation segment as a seven and half foot tall kittygirl.

The same producers put Katya in charge of the entire stage show for their DEMF afterparty. She and three other performers put on a 10-in-1 that had prominent business owners inspecting her props and body (which had no fresh cuts or burns despite jumping on flaming, broken glass, breathing fire, pounding nails up her nose and more) afterwards. She pulled herself up when she suspended from four hooks in her back. On top of all that, she had not one but two insectavores munching cutely upon crickets!

Katya likes a good music festival on a farm with a night spent under the stars in an army surplus tent, a gallon of gas and a trunk. She performed before 1500 at Camp Rage 2007 (Caro, MI). She was invited back to perform at the Aestivus Festival 2009 (Armada, MI) since the 2008 attendees could not get enough of her.

Katya feels that good hecklers are hard to find since most give up once her retort (always appropriate for the audience) is heard. She can carry on quite a good banter with any crowd while performing.

Musically, Katya prefers elektroindustrial, techno and synthpop. She has a strong preference for Ayria, Combichrist, Juno Reactor, Underworld and VNV Nation. She also uses Brechtian punk cabaret like the Dresden Dolls and the Tiger Lillies. She'll work with live music just as long as the band also works to build up the energy of the crowd.

Most of the photos that accompany this booklet show Katya in her usual industrial-gypsy-goth mode of dress. Some of the characters she has stepped into include a 1560s peasant, gypsy, angel, femme fatale demon, red-skinned demon, kittygirl, demonic kittygirl, doll, zombie, lizard girl and more. She makes most of her own costumes either from scratch or by reconstructing thrifted clothes.

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